3 Reasons to throw out your regular tampons IMMEDIATELY!!

Think before you put them in your body!
1. Contains unidentifiable ingredients
Do you know what tampons are made of?! If you answered no, don’t worry. Most women people don’t know because the FDA does not require companies to disclose this information. Among the ingredients used to make a tampon such as rayon, dioxins, and BPA, many of them have been known to lead to increased likelihood of TSS, hormone disruption, and cancer! NO BUENO!!

(image from Pixabay)


2. Flushing money down the drain

Are you still flushing money down the toilet each month? The average woman spends thousands of dollars on tampons in their lifetime and the tampon tax does not help with that. Many states still consider tampons a luxury and charge state tax for tampons. I know plenty of things I can do with my money than literally flush it down the toilet each month. It is time we invested in more sustainable options (CoBARE underwear coming soon… )


3. Generate a lot of environmental waste

How many planets do we have to live on? One. On average, a woman may use up to 11,000 tampons in her lifetime. Whether with or without an applicator, tampons take centuries to decompose. The world is in your hands.